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Jacqui originally became interested in alternative medicine when she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue in 1995. Chronic Fatigue was not very well understood at that time and very little was known about how best to treat it.

Alternative medicine provided a means to manage her symptoms and helped to improve her overall health as she explored other disciplines and techniques. Learning about these techniques empowered her to improve her own health and inspired a passion for sharing what she had learned with others.

She feels strongly about the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat a myriad of conditions as well as improve overall health. Many can benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine’s prime focus of bringing people into balance. In addition to traditional acupuncture, she has also found great success with laser based acupuncture treatment.

Laser treatments are more approachable for those who are hesitant about trying acupuncture, as well as those with a fear of needles, patients for whom traditional needles may cause discomfort, or for treating children.

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Jacqueline Rozon: TeamMember
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